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Cationic polymer organic coagulant is also called organic coagulant. Through electric neutralization, adsorption and bridging, colloidal particles and micro suspended solids in water are unstable and agglomerated. When used alone or in combination with polymer flocculants, the coagulation, coagulation and flocculation of colloid and suspended solids in water are completed. Instead of inorganic coagulant, it is widely used in the process of sedimentation, concentration and dehydration in mineral washing industry, realizing the functions of rapid and thorough solid-liquid separation, rapid dehydration of mineral materials and reuse of treated water up to standard.

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 6530 SK


It has high cationic density, wide application for coal mine, non-metallic mine and metal mine, and has low dosage, good effect and non-toxic and harmless.

6630 SK


6730 SK


6830 SK


6930 SK


7930 SK


Application area
The process of mineral washing, such as sedimentation, concentration, dehydration, tailings water treatment, sand washing water treatment, alumina production and so on.

Product features

  1. ●The products are rich, with excellent quality and excellent performance, which can be applied to various water quality and pulp characteristics to meet the requirements of different processes and equipment.
  2. ●It is easy to control the process of dissolution, measurement, addition and mixing, which is easy to meet the requirements of automatic online dosing equipment, and is easy to realize automatic dosing and application effect tracking.
  3. ●Compared with inorganic coagulant, the dosage is less, which will not cause salinity rise and pH change of water, and will not affect the quality of mineral materials.
  4. ●It is non-toxic, harmless and environmentally


  • ●1000 L  IBC drums
  • ●1000kg / barrel

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