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Membrane separation integration system

MBR+RO high efficiency double membrane water reuse system

1.Process combination description
 MBR system is used to ensure that its water yield meets the inlet water quality requirements of RO system. In addition, MBR system can improve the treatment effect of biochemical system and improve the quality of effluent. After the RO system treatment, the whole system can make the water quality better. The total emission reduction is realized in a short process, and the operation of environmental capacity replacement is easy to be realized.

2.Process combination characteristics

  • ● MBR system can reduce the front-end biochemical process, improve the biochemical effluent quality (such as ammonia nitrogen, COD, etc.);
  • ● THE effluent quality of MBR+RO system is better and stable;
  • ● Low operating cost of membrane system;
  • ● High degree of system automation, easy operation and maintenance;
  • ● High system integration and small floor space.

3.Applicable fields
Suitable for municipal wastewater and some industrial wastewater fields, such as printing and dyeing wastewater, chemical wastewater, etc.

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