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Membrane separation integration system

UF+NF+RO+ED multi-membrane combination zero emission

1.Process combination description
"UF+NF+RO+ED" multi-membrane combination combined with concentrated water evaporation and crystallization process was adopted to realize total waste water recovery and recycling of the main salts in the waste water. Zero-emission technologies can both help companies meet stringent emission regulations and save a lot of water. 

2.Process combination characteristics

  • ● The use of NF salt separation system to achieve high-efficient separation of two-valent salt, and finally to obtain industrial salt;
  • ● ED system is adopted to improve brine concentration, reduce evaporation, and reduce operating cost;
  • ● MVR evaporative crystallization system is adopted to reduce operating energy consumption;
  • ● Multi-film combination process, low operating cost;
  • ● High degree of system automation, easy operation and maintenance;
  • ● High system integration and small floor space.

3.Application fields
Suitable for industrial waste water, such as power plant waste water, coal chemical waste water, papermaking waste water, fine chemical waste water, petrochemical waste water, printing and dyeing waste water, pharmaceutical waste water, etc.


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