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Membrane separation integration system

MBR+NF wastewater upgrade system

1.Process combination description
 The MBR system is used to ensure that the water produced meets the inlet water quality requirements of NF system. In addition, THE MBR system can improve the biochemical effect and improve the effluent water quality. After the TREATMENT of NF system, polyvalent ions and most of the organic compounds are removed to improve the water quality of the whole system. More than four types of surface emission standards are easy to achieve.

2.Process combination characteristics

  • ● MBR system can reduce the front-end biochemical process, improve the biochemical effluent quality (such as ammonia nitrogen, COD, etc.);
  • ● NF system can remove more than 98% of polyvalent ions and most of the organic matter, can improve the water quality;
  • ● Low operating cost of membrane system;
  • ● High degree of system automation, easy operation and maintenance;
  • ● High system integration and small floor space.

3.Application fields
Municipal sewage, industrial park sewage, pharmaceutical wastewater, etc.


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