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Membrane separation integration system

UF+NF Tap water upgrade system

1.Process combination description
UF system was used to remove suspended solids and colloids from wastewater, and THEN NF system was used to remove more than 98% of polyvalent ions and harmful organic substances, thus improving the water quality standard of tap water.

2.Feymer Composite application system design and manufacturing features:

  • ● According to a large number of application cases, the use of chemical production thinking to users to choose the most reasonable process, to provide the most reasonable operation scheme;
  • ● Equipment design using three-dimensional design, can be in a short time for the customer site layout, provide the most reasonable layout, reduce one-time investment;
  • ● The equipment adopts modular manufacturing to improve manufacturing efficiency and save manufacturing cost.
  • ● Automatic control system is adopted, the system is highly automated and easy to operate and maintain;
  • ● Domestic and foreign famous brand products, long service life of the system;

3.Application fields
Improve tap water quality , salt content limit area.


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