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High Efficient Decoloring Agent

High efficient decoloring agent Delecolor® (Delecolor®)
Product Function
It is mainly used for decolorization of high chrominance wastewater, suitable for waste water treatment process of alkaline, acid and disperse dye etc. It has many functions including decoloring、SS reducing, COD reducing and electric neutralization.
Product Name

Trade Name

Product Name

Product form

Product properties

Delecolor® (Delecolor®)



Organic,High efficient,low dosage,low cost



Formaldehyde free,green,environmental,high efficient



Formaldehyde free,green,environmental

Application fields

  • ● It is used for textile, printing and dying waste water treatment.
  • ● It is used for decoloring treatment of waste water from pigment、ink、papermaking、coking、leather、chemical、municipal and other industries.
  • ● It can be used as dying、curing、electric neutralization agent.
Product features
High cationic polymer with special structure, combined with inorganic and organic coagulants, it can decolorize and reduce COD by coagulation, flocculation、sedimentation.
  • ● Fast dissolving 、easy operation
  • ● Decolorization、COD reducing、electric neutralization and other multiple functions
  • ● Wide application range
  • ● Environmental friendly
Product form and package
Emulsion product:Net 1000kg per IBC

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