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High Efficient Phosphorus Removing Agent

High Efficient Phosphorus Removing Agent FDP-06

Product function
Based on product feature, phosphorus in the waste water can be transformed into insoluble phosphate precipitation in the removal process. It is high phosphorus removal efficiency, good process compatibility, simple dosing method, low comprehensive cost.

Product Name

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Product Name

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Product properties




Good compatibility, low dosage, high efficiency

Application fields
Municipal waste water and industrial waste water treatment

Product features

  • ●Special formulation, active ingredients removal phosphorus synergistically to ensure water quality
  • ● High phosphorus removal efficiency, water quality after treatment is higher than the National 1A- phosphorus discharge standard
  • ● Low dosage, less sludge, low comprehensive cost
  • ● Simple dosing method, do not change original process, the appropriate dosing point can be selected according to process conditions and sewage quality
  • ● No influence to microbial community
Product form and package
Liquid product:Net 1000kg per IBC

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