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Deodorizing agent  Desmellcom® (Desmellcom®)

Product function
It Contains a variety of microorganisms, it can deodorize and purify ammonia, amine, dimethyl sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan and other malodorous gases. In addition, acids and enzymes metabolized by microorganisms can also neutralize odor molecules, effectively reduce odor concentration of air and sewage.
Meanwhile, it can remove or reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as alcohols, haloalkane and petroleum hydrocarbons, etc. the microorganisms can use these pollutants as carbon sources to grow, and finally oxidize the organic substance into carbon dioxide and water completely, to realize harmless discharge without secondary pollution.
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Product Name

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Application fields

  • ● Pulp&paper industry: Control malodorous gases in pulping、paper making and waste water treatment process
  • ● Mega farms、toilets、sewers
  • ● Waste water treatment plant:Regulating tank、aeration tank、sludge dewatering workshop、sludge stacking area etc
  • ● Dump:Waste transfer station、landfill、road in plant area、production workshop and leachate pool etc
  • ● Other areas:Area that produces lots of malodorous gases

Product features

  • ● High bioactivity、low cost、high efficiency
  • ● Good system compatibility and synergistic interaction, can be used separately or in combination with other products
  • ● Customized system application solution, including solution、equipment、chemical and service
  • ● Compare with traditional physical and chemical deodorization methods, it has no pollution to environment

Product form and package
Liquid product:Net 25kg per drum;Net 1000kg per IBC

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