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Polyamide coating membrane

The new type of highly selective nanofiltration membrane material developed by Feymer starts from the special monomer for membrane making and the core material for the separation layer of nanofiltration membrane, and performs interface polymerization and layer assembly on the porous polysulfone supporting membrane, the formation of special polyamide nanofiltration membrane surface is smooth, no "peak - valley" structure, the contact Angle is small, it has good resistance to pollution and hydrophilic performance. The nanofiltration membrane material has a bivalent salt retention rate of more than 98% and a monovalent salt retention rate of less than 30%. It has a good selective separation performance for high and low state ions in water and organic compounds with molecular weight of more than 200Da. The highly selective nanofiltration membrane material is used to produce industrial nanofiltration membrane components with dimensions 8040 and 4040, disc nanofiltration membrane components, and various household water purifier specifications of nanofiltration membrane components.

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