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Reel type reverse osmosis membrane assembly

Reverse osmosis separation process has been widely used in various fields of production and life due to its advantages such as high purification efficiency, low energy consumption, no secondary material introduction, simple design and operation, short construction period and environmental friendliness. The reverse osmosis (RO) membrane component series developed by Feymer Membrane has been widely used in zero discharge, people's livelihood drinking water, process water supply, briny water desalination , brackish water desalination and other application fields.

Design features of Feymer RO membrane element:

  • ●High retention ability, anti - pollution ability
  • ●The separation process has no phase transition and does not destroy biological activity;
  • ●Membrane component specification standardization, installation/replacement simple operation;
  • ●The operating pressure is lower than reverse osmosis, which has the advantage of low-voltage energy saving;
  • ●The system is highly integrated, fully automated and easy to operate.

Feymer RO membrane component specifications and models

Model of membrane element

Effective film area

Stabilize desalination rate (%)

Average Water Rate

FM ROF-8040




FM ROF-4040




FM ROL-8040




FM ROL-4040





  • ● ROF anti-pollution series:The reverse osmosis composite membrane element used for desalting brinish water is used to modify the membrane surface with the unique anti-pollution patent technology, change the charge and smooth degree of the membrane surface, increase the surface hydrophilicity, reduce the adhesion of pollutants and microorganisms, reduce the membrane pollution rate, and extend the service life.
  • ● ROL Brackish Water series: The reverse osmosis composite membrane element used for desalting brackish water, it has the characteristics of low pressure operation, high water yield and good desalting performance. In addition, it has high performance of removing dissolved salts, TOC and SiO2, especially suitable for the preparation of high pure water in the electronics and power industries.

Applications of RO membrane

  • ●Reuse of reclaimed water
  • ●Wastewater zero discharging
  • ●Production process water in all industries
  • ●Boiler feedwater
  • ●Chemical wastewater treatment
  • ●Trash penetrating fluid processing
  • ●Briny water and Brackish water desalination

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