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Membrane water treatment technology

Deep treatment membrane technology for biochemical wastewater

The technology is based on the technical principle of " Biochemical basis, separation means " , with "water solid phase synchronization with emission reduction" as the goal, uses the membrane separation efficiency before pretreatment technology, MBR membrane bioreactor technology, nanofiltration membrane separation technology, adsorption to take off the organic matter, adsorption - biochemical united technologies such as the seven core technique module and module integration technology together, according to different conditions of water quality and emission standards, selection process module, composite depth removal from sewage COD, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total salt, SS and other pollutants. The mixed industrial and municipal sewage can be labeled to the standards of urban class A and surface class III water bodies, so as to achieve ultra-low discharge of sewage and create conditions for reuse of reclaimed water, sludge and salt.

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