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Membrane water treatment technology

Multi - membrane industrial wastewater recycling (zero - discharge) technology

UF+NF+RO+ED+MVR multi-membrane combination technology and evaporative crystallization technology are adopted to realize zero waste water discharge. UF technology is used as the pretreatment process of the subsequent membrane system to ensure the stable operation of the system. NF technology can efficiently separate monovalent and bivalent salts in wastewater to realize salt recycling and reduce solid waste discharge. RO technology can ensure that the water quality of the system can meet the reuse requirements. ED technology can increase salt concentration to 16%-20%, reduce evaporation capacity, and reduce energy consumption of evaporation system. Finally, through evaporation technology, the waste water will be changed into solid salt to achieve zero discharge of waste water.

For enterprises with no emission target and zero emission, appropriate evaporation technology can be selected according to their energy structure to reduce operating costs. At the same time, the leading membrane separation technology and salt separation process can be used for secondary applications after evaporation of salt, which greatly increases the practical significance of zero emission.

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