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Water treatment engineering services

System design and system integration

For membrane water treatment projects, Feymer Technology can provide the design and integration services of the entire membrane water treatment system for the owner or the general contractor, or provide the design and integration services of unit modules or multiple modules according to customer requirements. Adopt standardized design concept, from the customer's point of view, to provide customers with economical and reliable products and solutions.

  • ● The system uses three-dimensional design, and the system is able to arrange site layout for customers in a short time, provides the most reasonable layout plan, reduces one-time investment;
  • ● The system adopts automatic control design, the system is highly automated, easy to operate and maintain;
  • ● The system uses reasonable design and layout, high system integration, small floor space;
  • ● The main components of the system adopt domestic and foreign famous brand products, long service life of the system;
  • ● The system adopts standardized design, according to customer demand, provides corresponding products, short processing cycle, saves manufacturing costs.

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