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Water treatment operation services

Membrane system operation and maintenance service

The scope of the membrane system operation and maintenance Business center
In the field of water treatment membrane system, Feymer Membrane System Operation and Maintenance Business Center carries out the following businesses for the customers:

  • ●Undertake Membrane system operation business
  • ●Undertake Membrane system maintenance business
  • ●Membrane system cleaning service (online cleaning, offline cleaning)
  • ●Supply of consumables (film components/film components) related to the membrane system
  • ●Supply of membrane chemicals

Our strengths
1. The products manufactured by Feymer Technology cover all the core elements needed for the stable operation of the membrane system: raw water pretreatment chemicals + membrane components/membrane components + membrane chemicals
2. Excellent service

  • ●Membrane system diagnosis: Professional technical service engineers go to the customer site to solve the membrane system problems.
  • ●Onsite water quality analysis: A precise analysis of onsite water quality is performed as a basis for assessing system problems and formulating plans.
  • ●Membrane system operation and maintenance plan: According to the field investigation and water quality analysis report, develop the operation and maintenance plan of the system general contractor.
  • ●Professional engineer on-site service: Make detailed service plan, determine implementation steps and carry out service.
  • ●Real-time monitoring and remote management services: According to the customer's needs, the system is configured to run real-time monitoring and remote data transmission system to help customers diagnose and solve problems at any time.
  • ●Start-up and training services: according to the customer's needs, train operators for the newly-built membrane system before start-up, help to develop system operation and management plans, and assist the system start-up and operation.

3. Expert team
Powerful technical platform and expert team: R&D center, application technology center, water quality analysis center
4. Experience in sewage treatment plant operation
Create value for customers

  • ●Labor-saving: One-stop service for customers' membrane system: Feymer Membrane + Feymer Chemicals + Feymer Professional operation and maintenance team
  • ●Saving money: Feymer technology subverts the traditional model: one membrane plant , another  plant , blame each other for problems, no on-site service, high operating costs. Feymer Technology creates a new model: the overall membrane system contract operation for customers, provide customers with professional membrane system technical services, save the operating cost and management cost of the membrane system.
  • ●Free from worry: use professional technical services to avoid accidents, such as substandard water quality and other serious consequences for customers' production and environmental safety.

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