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Water - based mud thickener

Product features
This product is a kind of polyacrylamide copolymer, which can improve the viscosity and shear force of water-based drilling mud, and make it have appropriate rheological property, so as to get better performance of carrying drilling cuttings and preventing clay flocculation. This series of polymers has a molecular weight of 2 to 6 million, and has a good viscosification effect in fresh water and salt water as well as saturated salt water, with a temperature tolerance above 150℃.
Technical indicators

Brand Name




White or light yellow free flowing powder

Solid content


Heat resistance performance



Salt resistance

Clear water

saturated brine

Degree of hydrolysis



Sieve allowance


Apparent viscosity

≥20 mPa·s


Method of application
The amount added is adjusted according to the site conditions to obtain the desired drilling mud viscosity. The amount added is generally 0.1-0.4% in clear water and 0.4-1% in saturated brine. It is recommended to prepare 1-2% aqueous polymer solution before adding to drilling fluid as needed.

Store the product in a dry and cool place to avoid exposure to the sun. Shelf life is two years.

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