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Frac thickener

Product features
This product is a solid powder or emulsion of a polyacrylamide copolymer used in water-based fracturing fluids to reduce the friction coefficient when fracturing fluids flow, thus reducing pressure loss. The powder or emulsion resistance-reducing agent can disperse and dissolve in water quickly, with quick effect, and can be applied to on-site mixing equipment. In addition, this series of products also has good salt resistance performance, can be suitable for the backflow of fracturing fluid reformulation and reinjection.

Technical indicators






White or light yellow free flowing powder

Solid content


Degree of hydrolysis




Salt resistance




Particle size


Base fluid viscosity


Heat resisting temperature




Viscosity after 2h shearing




Method of application
The addition amount of the product should be determined according to the site temperature and cross-linking ratio. For example, when the temperature is high, the amount added is 0.8%-2%, and when the temperature is medium and low, the amount added is 0.2-0.4%. The sand-carrying liquid systems with different crosslinking time and crosslinking strength can be obtained by using different organo-metal crosslinking agents.

The shelf life of emulsion products is 180 days, and that of powder products is two years. Store in a dry and cool place.

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