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Acid thickener

Product features
This product is a class of cationic or amphoteric ionic copolymer solid powder, which is used in acidizing or acidizing fracturing technology, used for acid pressure (chemical) transformation of carbonate reservoir, to delay the reaction rate and filtration rate between acid and reservoir rock. The product can dissolve and viscosify rapidly in acid solution, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance (120-180℃) and salt resistance, good compatibility, outstanding friction reduction performance, can effectively reduce the acid/rock reaction rate and acid filtration rate, and expand the radius of acid treatment.
 Technical indicators





White or light yellow free flowing powder

Solid content


The acid dispersion


Solubility of acid solution

Complete dissolution within 30min

Heat resisting temperature



Acid viscosity

Less than 30℃,≥30mPa.s

Less than 30℃,≥30mPa.s

Less than 90℃,≥21mPa.s

Less than 120℃,≥21mPa.s




Method of application
20% HCl solution was prepared, 2% inhibitor was added, and then the specified amount of acid thickener was added slowly under full stirring.

The product has a shelf life of two years. Store in a dry and cool place.

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