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ASA neutral sizing agent




Excellent performance of waste pulp closed system

ASA special emulsifier




The emulsification and sizing effect is excellent



The emulsification and sizing effect is excellent and the quality guarantee period is longer


Product characteristics of ASA neutral sizing agent:

  1. ●Asa-90E is alkenyl succinic anhydride with specific carbon chain length;
  2. ●Medium alkaline sizing agent, calcium carbonate is selected as filler, and the sizing method has little effect on the physical strength of paper;
  3. ●High online curing conversion rate, stable, easy to control and predictable sizing effect;
  4. ●When the dosage is high, the paper surface will not slip;
  5. ●The application of wet end system with high salt content has better sizing effect;
  6. ●On site on-line emulsification requires special emulsifier and emulsifying equipment.

Product characteristics of ASA special emulsifier:

  1. ●FA-06 and FA-26 are specially developed polymeric ASA emulsifiers;
  2. ●Good emulsification effect, prevent ASA hydrolysis and ensure ASA sizing efficiency;
  3. ●High stability of chemical liquid;
  4. ●Compared with starch emulsification, no need cook, no steam consumption and simple operation;
  5. ●It has the function of adjusting the system charge;
  6. ●It helps to increase the speed of the paper machine.


  • ●ASA-90E, 1000L IBC, net weight 900kg per IBC
  • ●Emulsifer FA-06 and FA-26, 1000L IBC, net weight 1000kg per IBC

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